Alrighty. I got stupid and got on my old indies and now I jUST HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS.

Anyways, I was considering restarting my Elena and then I thought I’d hop on here, and well, Calliope always hits me right in the feels. I’d need to sort out her story a bit more, but I still might consider getting back in the saddle with her. She’s my first indie and is actually one of my most temperamental, so she’d definitely take more time than my Elena. Luckily, in a way, I’m going on vacation soon. Which means a lot of lazy time to sort out her story a bit more. I loved going back to her in my creative writing class and I just don’t think I can ever let her go. But if anyone would definitely be interested in seeing her again (or even if you have some suggestions on what I should work on in her story [such as setting a more definite era for her]) shoot me an ask, reply here, send smoke signals, whatever.

Also you can send me asks on Elena, if you want.

Obligatory question mark?

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Woooow. Haven’t been on here in forever.

But for anyone still following (I love you loads what are you even doing here wow) or just finding this post due to tagging, I was wondering if anyone would be interested in me doing an Elena that is canon up to an early season (say 1 or 2), but being AU to stuff past that (really, when they made her lose her humanity, I was really pissed about what they had done with her on the show). Unfortunately, I’ll be going on vacation soon (okay, only unfortunate because I won’t have wifi), so no immediate/concrete decisions will be made. But if you’d like, you can drop me an ask with your thoughts or reply on here. Let me know.

ALSO: If you would also/rather like to see me start up Calliope again, let me know, here or there. I’m planning on maybe messing with their blogs for fun so I’ll be checking in. Might make a post on her, too.

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Ok I have to finish up this essay and get my sleep schedule’s shit together, so I’m gonna sign off. I have tabs open for everyones replies I know. Like for a starter (if you’re a new follower, you’ll probably get one anyways, but like to show excitement [pretend you’re excited]) Shutting up now

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Nat started on his drink. “So, Callow, tell me a little about yourself.”

"C-Callie" She corrected, timidly. She really didn’t mind what people called her, though. She dealt with it. "I-I, uh, th-there isn’t m-much to say." Or that she could say.

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He smiled. “Pleasure to meet you.” He poured two more glasses.

"You t-two." She grabbed her second drink, taking her time with this one, sipping it slower.

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"No kidding," he said, downing his glass. "Nat, by the way."

"C-Calliope, b-but most p-people use Callie."

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When I want to reply to a certain thread but my muse is like:


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He poured some glasses of it for him and her. “Bottom’s up.”

Calliope grinned, downing the glass, savoring the burn moving down her throat. “N-Nothing like v-vodka to m-make new acquaintances.”

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