Marlena’s lips formed a little pout as Calliope stopped, her words and dramatic act quite the tease. Her gaze slipped away from the dark haired girl’s face for a moment — she couldn’t quite stop herself from giving the beautiful witch a once over. Sighing impatiently, she wished she could push away her fears, but there was a chance that she couldn’t. “I.. do you want to?”

Calliope ran her tongue over her lips, noting how Marlena’s eyes roamed. Her eyes did some unabashed roaming, as did her hands once more. One gave Marlena’s ass a firm squeeze while the other toyed at the hem of her shirt. “What do you think?” she murmured, right at Marlena’s ear. Her lips hovered there, knowing Marlena could feel her breath on her.

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Marlena’s eyes widened further at the fake innocence. It felt for a moment as if she was being teased, and then she realized that was Calliope’s goal. Inhaling sharply, she wriggled her nose and shook her head, “It’s.. I..” She whimpered again as Marlena tilted her face back with a simple touch, “I..” She exhaled, letting go of the air she’d tried so hard to hold in, “I.. I agree..”

Calliope lips spread into a devious grin, the facade of innocence gone. “But, it’ll have to stop there.” She gave a dramatic sigh. “You had the chance at more, and turned it down for cuddling. What a shame, what a shame.” Calliope sadly shook her head, returning her hands to neutral ground. For now. “You know, I’m actually rather tired. Maybe we should just sleep. In the bed. Together.”

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I-I …. I h-have 24 h-hours t-to live…


No.. No.. I’m sorry Calliope I didn’t mean it like that. 

Marlena…. I-I’m so s-scared.

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This may be the only time I can engage in topless Tuesday


Letting out the air she’d held in, she couldn’t quite stop the trembling of her lower lip as her fingers tangled themselves in Calliope’s hair. “Making.. s-sounds is..” She inhaled through clenched teeth as the other began to kiss at her jaw, “Embarrassing.” 

"Hmm," Calliope murmured as she started a trail down Marlena’s shoulder. "And what if I told you they were sexy? Hm?" She braced her hands on either side of Marlena’s head. "Would you let yourself make them then?" She noticed Marlena’s tense jaw. "You need to relax, dear."

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“Well, I’m shit with introductions but here goes nothing. I’m Kenzie.”

"G-Great. C-Calliope D-Doyle."

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“Oh, I was just asking if you needed anything,” He says as he slides his hands into his pockets. “I’m sorry if I offended you. I just thought I’d return your question, in case you did need anything.”


"S-Someone n-not starting off w-with a-asking about the s-stutter? Well th-that’s new."

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“No, not really, but thanks for asking,” He shrugs his shoulders. “Do…you need anything?”

"And wh-what is th-that supposed to m-mean?”

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oh-sokenzie started following you

Wh-What d-do you w-want?

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“Pleasure to meet you,” He says with a small smile.

"Y-Yeah, I’m s-sure. D-Do y-you need a-anything?"

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“What an introduction,” He said with a small laugh. “Wesley. Wesley Wilde. And you are?”

"C-Calliope Doyle. Pleasure," she sneered.

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